Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Hello, hello. Busy, busyness. Thoughts are turning towards the upcoming show season, and hence my little blog will be filled with what else? Horse stories. Yay! Hmmmm I like that. Horse Stories.

In today's Horse Story, there is nothing entirely new, except that I confess that I realized yesterday that yesterday was the deadline to submit Little Mama's and Fab's Declaration of Intent forms for the NAJC. I scrambled. It required LM making two trips to the office, but it got done.

Meanwhile, whatever Fabulous did to his foot seems to be getting better. Dr. M checked him out, treated him, and told LM to rest him for a week. Seems to have done the trick (crossing fingers). So onto the training, and the shows. First up: April 10 and 11, Conyers, Georgia.

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  1. I can't wait! Not because i am going but because it is exciting!!! I can't wait for her to kick some DQ butts!!